Option 1 – Pay by The Hourly Rate

(Minimum charge 2 hours)

*1 Man and Van = from £45 per hour

*2 Men and Van =from £55 per hour

*3 Men and Van =from £70 per hour

To Book your van Please call the above office number.

Option 2 – The Half Day Rate

If you think your move might take over 4 hours, you will benefit from the Half Day Rate.

*Up to 4 hours

£169 for 1 man
£199 for 2 man
£265 for 3 man
Thats more like it – call now 02036332202.

Option 3 – The Full Day Rate

For bigger removals there are even larger savings to be made.

*Up to 8 hours

£295 for 1 man
£395 for 2 man
£495 for 3 man
If thats for you drop us a line on 02036332202

Option 4 – Everything Else

Just tell us what you need moving, and we’ll give you the best price we can.

If you want something picked up at 2am; want us to store your items overnight and delivered the next day or want us to make multiple deliveries keeping to a set schedule: we can accommodate you.


For anything and everything else call us for a quote on 02036332202.